Southfield Farm, Cumbrian Way, Hull | £720,000 O.N.O, £720,000

Southfield Farm was Farmed by the Owners until 1987 when the western part of the farm was taken for redevelopment, since then it has been Let on a Farm Business Tenancy.
The Land is accessed of Cumbrian Way and is entirely within the Kingston Upon Hull City Boundary. The land is Grade 2 on the MAFF Agricultural Land Classification map and has the benefit of land drainage systems laid in 1979. Plans are available. The Land is registered at the Land Registry title number HS330027.



6942 Arable 6.66 Woodland 0.14
8749 Arable 4.95
1660 Arable 9.52 Woodland 0.12
0878 Arable 10.09 Woodland 0.24
7070 Arable 5.89 Woodland 0.08
37.11 Hectares 0.58 Hectares
91.70 Acres 1.43 Acres
Total: 37.69 Hectares

1. The Areas used in the above schedule are taken from the 2012 RPA application made by the Outgoing Tenant. It is understood that they have not been subject to a field survey, thus the accuracy of these areas cannot be guaranteed by the owners or their Agents.

2. The Outgoing tenant will Transfer to the Purchaser the Basic Payment Entitlements of 35.34ha.

SERVICES - None Connected

OUTGOINGS- None Known. The Land lies outside the Beverley & North Holderness Internal Drainage Board Area.

TENURE- Freehold with vacant Possession, early entry on payment of a double deposit for Agricultural Purposes.

OVERAGE- No overage provisions are retained.

The property is sold subject to and with the benefit of all the Existing Rights of Way, Water, Light, Drainage and all other Easements affecting the Land, whether mentioned in these particulars or not.
There is a 180mmdiameter sewerage main along the western boundary of the Land. An As Built Plan is available. No easement was entered into on Construction.
There is believed to be an electric transmission line along the southern boundary of the Land. A Copy of the easement documentation is available for Inspection. There is a 600mm Water Mains.

Are believed to be Included in the Sale.
GROWING CROPS - Any acts of Cultivation for the 2019 crops to be paid for at contractor's costs.
TENANT RIGHTS - There is no claim to Tenant Right nor any counter claim for deductions or dilapidations what so ever.
BOUNDARIES - The ownership of Boundaries is shown marked by a 'T' on the sale Contract insofar as the vendor is aware.

By arrangement at any time telephone Frank Hill & Son 01964 630531.

PLANS & PARTICULARS - The Plans have been prepared and the acreage in the particulars are stated for the convenience of the purchasers and are based on the Ordnamce Survey map with the sanction of the Controller of HM Stationary Office.
The Plans and particulars are believed to be correct but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed and no claim for errors or omissions can be admitted.
The Land is Sold with all faults and defects whether of condition or not.