Monday 01 August 2022 - Fatstock & Store Market
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Monday 01 August 2022 - Fatstock & Store Market


Forward – 304 head of stock including 31 Cattle, 208 Sheep and 65 Pigs.

Some quality pigs forward today and demand for them with plenty of buyers round the pens. Heavy gilts especially in favour and looking a fantastic trade, right up there with commercial pigs in terms of prices today. Sows improving slightly again, with not a lot of flesh on offer but prices similar to last week.

Porkers to 149p/kg and £129.26, average 149.0p/kg.
Cutters to 157p/kg and £149.24, average 155.9p/kg.
Bacon Pigs to 143p/kg and £145.86, average 143.0p/kg.
Heavy Gilts to 132p/kg and £168.34, average 117.2p/kg.

Cull Sows to 55p/kg and £109.15, average 37.2p/kg.
Cull Boars to 60p/kg and £110.40, average 44.5p/kg.

Lambs have fallen out of bed over the course of the last fortnight, but we’re still about 20p/kg ahead of where we were on the first week in August last year. A lot of big strong ewes forward today which the trade reflects but still a strong trade on the day.

Spring Lambs
Standards to 247.1p/kg and £91, average 234.5p/kg.
Mediums to 263.6p/kg and £116, average 236.6p/kg.
Heavy to 215.2p/kg and £99.
Over-Weight to 201.9p/kg and £109.

Clean Sheep to 133.3p/kg and £80.

Cull Ewes to £160, average £120.44.

Store Lambs to £93.50, average £75.41.

A right trade for cattle today, the market being topped by a Lincoln Red Steer from G & K Blakey of Sotby, Market Rasen, realising £1,490. N W & S A Hall brought their usual show of short keep cattle today and sold a real quality heifer to Propa Meats of Roos, which should be in the shop soon. Calves looked a fair trade today, with the top end probably more buyable than younger sorts. Next cattle markets are 15th and 22nd August.

Store Cattle
Lincoln Red Steer to £1,490.
Limousin Steer to £1,380.
Limousin Heifer to £1,220.
Beef Shorthorn Steers to £980, average £949.
British Blue Heifer to £715.
British Blue Steer to £710.

Limousin In-Calf Heifer to £1,270.

Continental Feeding Cow to £1,170.
Native Feeding Cows to £1,100, average £1,045.
Dairy Feeding Cows to £860, average £755.

British Blue Bull to £365.
British Blue Heifers to £350, average £347.
Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £345, average £270.
Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £230, average £215.

10.30am Fat Pigs
Followed by Cull Pigs
Followed by Store Pigs
Followed by Fat Lambs
Followed by Cull Sheep
Followed by Store Sheep

11.30am Calves & Stirks
12noon Prime, Store & Cull Cattle

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