Monday 25 July 2022 - Fatstock Market
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Monday 25 July 2022 - Fatstock Market


Forward – 190 head of stock including 134 Sheep and 56 Pigs.

Pigs continue in a similar vein this week, a bit bigger show than expected, with supply slightly outdoing demand and trade tailing off slightly. Small show of sows this week, and a fair few small lean types about, trade looks slightly stronger if anything.

Porkers to 128p/kg and £110.85, average 117.8p/kg.
Cutters to 150p/kg and £133.20, average 146.5p/kg.
Over-Weight to 126p/kg and £166.32.
Heavy Gilts to 94p/kg and £145.08, average 91.7p/kg.

Cull Sows to 41p/kg and £97.32, average 37.0p/kg.
Cull Boar to 32p/kg and £123.20.

Lambs have dropped throughout last week and we saw that today at Hull, with the best back over 30p/kg on last week, but still a good trade for what has been seen towards the end of last week, SQQ of 257.7p/kg looks respectable. Some real quality, fleshy ewes forward this week and strong trade for them, averaging over £115 across the board.

Spring Lambs
Standards to 249.4p/kg and £96, average 245.7p/kg.
Mediums to 270.7p/kg and £116, average 260.4p/kg.
Heavies to 262.5p/kg and £128, average 251.8p/kg.

Cull Ewes to £130, average £115.11.

10.30am Fat Pigs
Followed by Cull Pigs
Followed by Fat Lambs
Followed by Cull Sheep

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