Monday 20 June 2022 - FATSTOCK & STORE MARKET
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Monday 20 June 2022 - FATSTOCK & STORE MARKET


Forward – 273 head of stock including 19 Cattle, 163 Sheep and 91 Pigs.

Good show of pigs again this week, and prices holding up well, not quite to the dizzying heights of last week, but generally a fair trade for all involved. Heavy gilts looking strong again this week, up to 100p/kg and over £130 with nothing massive forward today.

Porkers to 150p/kg and £128.25, average 146.0p/kg.
Cutters to 135p/kg and £130.95, average 124.0p/kg.
Heavy Gilts to 100p/kg and £130.50, average 72.5p/kg.

Cull Sows to 37p/kg and £127.05, average 33.9p/kg.

Unfortunately hoggs have dropped again slightly this week, but still well above prices seen historically at this time of year, trade for the older end continues to be held up well by a buoyant ewe trade, which shows no sign of slowing at the moment.

Spring Lambs
Standards to 315.8p/kg and £120.50, average 300.0p/kg.
Mediums to 321.4p/kg and £135.50, average 302.7p/kg.
Heavies to 302.2p/kg and £143, average 289.6p/kg.
Over-Weight to 258.6p/kg and £150.

Standards to 232.4p/kg and £86, average 228.3p/kg.
Mediums to 265.1p/kg and £110, average 220.8p/kg.
Heavies to 210.3p/kg and £102, average 210.3p/kg.

Clean Sheep to 190.5p/kg and £100, average 186.4p/kg.

Cull Ewes to £140, average £110.14.

Smaller show of cattle, with a lot of folks now being kept busy hay making, expected for the time of year though, with the main bulk of the spring cattle behind us as we head towards sheep sale time of year. Good trade for everything forward though, with some nice, short keep Limousin Bullocks from N W & S A Hall, South Kelsey really doing the business and selling to just shy of £1,400.

Store Cattle
Limousin Steers to £1,380, average £1,365.
Blonde D’Aquitaine Steer to £1,120.
Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £490, average £451.

Limousin Bulls to £950, average £950.

Charolais Feeding Cow to £1,320.

British Blue Bulls to £390, average £348.
British Blue Heifers to £308, average £305.
Aberdeen Angus Bull to £228.

10.30am Fat Pigs
Followed by Cull Pigs
Followed by Store Pigs
Followed by Fat Lambs
Followed by Cull Sheep
Followed by Store Sheep

11.30am Calves & Stirks
12noon Prime, Store & Cull Cattle

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