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Hull Livestock Market – 6th September 2021 – Fatstock & Store Market

Forward – 607 head of stock including 80 Cattle, 371 Sheep and 156 Pigs.

Commercial pigs looking a better trade this week, with demand there for good quality pigs. There are major issues in the sow meat supply chain at the moment, with Germany culling a huge number of sows in recent weeks, this has impacted trade at home, with both live and deadweight trades being affected, younger cleanish sows leading the way for the local manufacturing trade.

Porkers to 112p/kg and £97.44, average 112.0p/kg.
2 Cutters to 95p/kg and £89.30, average 95.0p/kg.
Bacon Pigs to 126p/kg and £137.84, average 107.3p/kg.
Over-Weight to 126p/kg and £160.02.
Heavy Gilts to 86p/kg and £128.77, average 75.5p/kg.

Cull Sows to 42p/kg and £80.43, average 24.7p/kg.

A very good show of sheep this week, boosted by 200 between two vendors, breeding ewes looking a good trade for mixed age pens, and store lambs following suit as well. Lambs seem to have bounced up again in the last couple of weeks, topping today at 277.1p/kg or £133 for a cracking pen of 6 Heavy Texels from F M Richardson, Bewholme, selling to Laverack Butchers of Holme on Spalding Moor & Pocklington.

Spring Lambs
Mediums to 237.8p/kg and £97.50, average 215.5p/kg.
Heavies to 277.1p/kg and £133, average 217.9p/kg.
Over-Weights to 222.6p/kg and £118, average 200.6p/kg.

Cull Ewes to £100, average £72.78.

Store Lambs to £78, average £63.04.

Breeding Sheep
Texel X Gimmers to £170, average £170.

Texel X Ewes to £151, average £145.

Suffolk Ram to £136.

Herdwick Ewes & Lambs to £70/family for a pen of two ewes & two lambs.

80 Cattle forward on the day, and a very reasonable trade right through the sale, matching up to the current fat cattle trade, stores are doing very well at the moment. Some short keep beast round and about the £1,200 mark, and price, only dropping with size. Calves and stirks looking strong as well, with trade steady throughout for some variable types.

Store Cattle
Aberdeen Angus Steers to £1,100, average £815.
Hereford Steers to £885, average £708.
British Blue Steer to £530.

British Blue Heifers to £1,240, average £805.
Charolais Heifers to £1,110, average £973.
Limousin Heifers to £980, average £874.
Blonde D’Aquitaine Heifers to £970, average £945.
Hereford Heifers to £820, average £693.
Piemontese Heifer to £620.

Limousin Bulls to £950, average £950.
Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £895, average £895.

Simmental Feeding Cows to £1,260, average £1,125.
British Blue Feeding Cows to £1,010, average £930.
British White Feeding Cow to £800.
Jersey Feeding Cow to £260.

Calves & Stirks
British Blue Heifers to £450, average £378.
Hereford Heifers to £410, average £403.
Hereford Steer to £400.
Aberdeen Angus Bull to £385.
British Blue Bulls to £355, average £279.
Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £280, average £280.

Breeding Cattle
Pedigree Charolais in-calf cow to £1,500.
Charolais in-calf heifer to £1,160.

Pedigree Charolais Stock Bull to £1,405.

Cows & Calves to £1,500 for a 5 year old South Devon cow with a 6 week Limousin Heifer calf at foot, to average £1,375/outfit.

10.30am Fat Pigs
Followed by Cull Pigs
Followed by Store Pigs
Followed by Fat Lambs
Followed by Cull Sheep
Followed by Store Sheep

11.30am Calves & Stirks
12noon Prime, Store & Cull Cattle

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