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Hull Livestock Market – 4 January 2021 – Fatstock Market

Forward – 131 head of stock including 40 Sheep and 91 Pigs.

Limited show of commercial pigs this week, but a good trade for those there, pigs need to be at least 85kg really, with anything smaller proving difficult to place. Sows have rallied slightly after some of the pre-Christmas issues have rectified themselves but we wait to see how Brexit will really affect the trade.

Porkers to 92.0p/kg and £67.16, average 85.8p/kg.
Cutters to 119.0p/kg and £113.05, average 113.5p/kg.
Bacon Pigs to 127.0p/kg and £125.22, average 127.0p/kg.
Heavy Gilts to 85.0p/kg and £119.34, average 58.3p/kg.

Cull Sows to 25.0p/kg and £80.16, average 21.0p/kg.

Smaller sheep market again before the Store Market next week, but butchers were here looking for meat and those that did come saw a flying trade, everything commercial over 200p/kg and an SQQ which included the majority of the show of 213.3p/kg.

Fat Hoggs
Mediums to 218.2p/kg and £96, average 213.3p/kg.
Heavies to 220.2p/kg and £110, average 220.2p/kg.
Over-Weights to 211.3p/kg and £112, average 211.3p/kg.

Monday’s Market will be going ahead as normal under the following restrictions as advised by the Government and Livestock Auctioneers’ Association:

  • Face coverings must be worn by all customers in the market.
  • Social distancing rules must be followed and therefore you should not stand within 2 meters of anyone else, including when stood round the ring and at pens during the sale.
  • Anyone entering the market is required to sign a register, providing their name, address and phone number.
  • Only 1 person will be allowed in the market office at any one time, in addition to market staff, please queue outside and wait for the office to be empty.
  • Please do not attend the market if you are in an at-risk group or have shown any signs of being unwell, for your own safety and that of others.


10.30am Fat Pigs
Followed by Cull Pigs
Followed by Fat Lambs
Followed by Cull Sheep

For more information:
Ralph Ward - 07980 864909
Philip Mortimer - 07968 614948/
James Buckton - 07539 867249/